Sadhaka Program

The Sadhaka Program: The Sadhaka Program is of course entirely free and designed to gradually train a person in the practices Bhakti Yoga from beginner to advanced over four levels. This is an honest and highly personalized process and a Sadhaka may choose and is encouraged to remain on Level 1if that is the level most suited to him or her. When the Sadhaka reaches level 4 he or she is eligible for and may choose to accept initiation (Diksha) from a Vaisnava Guru.

CHAD: Chapter A Day is a part of the Sadhaka Program that encourages Sadhakas to read a single chapter of the Bhagavad Gita a day 5 days a week every week. This can take from between 7 and 20 minutes depending on the chapter.

Sadhaka Sponsors: Sponsors are experienced Sadhakas who make themselves available for advice, inspiration and encouragement. The Sponsors also collects the sadhana charts for recordkeeping.

Eligibility for initiation

  1. Must be a Level 4 Sadhaka for a minimum of one year.
  2. Must have attended the Temple Morning Sadhana program at least once a month for one year.
  3. Must have attained a Bhakti Sastri Degree (A separate course not paid for or run by the Sadhaka Program)
  4. Must have completed all (Free) Sadhaka Training Courses

Sadhaka Training Courses

  1. How to perform Mantra Meditation ( Japa)
  2. How to Choose a Guru
  3. CHAD
  4. How to Live the Four Bhakti Principles