Upcoming Events, Announcements

Education & Training by HG Balagovinda Prabhu

After a long deliberation we have decided to start systematic education and training courses at ISKCON Boston. As a first step we will be providing training to the devotees and then select few devotees to groom them as trainers (proper training will be given to the leaders) who can further impart training to others. In the month of December we have invited HG Balagovinda Prabhu (a brahmacari and VP of ISKCON Pune) to Boston for a month who will be training us in various ISKCON authorized courses. There would be charges and eligibility criteria for enrolling to these courses. Please contact : [email protected] for more details.


Sunday School

As a part of service to Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha and the congregation we are happy to announce the opening of Sunday School (New England Vedic School). 

Please check our website for more details www.school.iskconboston.org