Diwali - Wednesday, November 7

You are invited to a Diwali celebration this Wednesday. Diwali, meaning 'festival of lights', is one of the most widely celebrated occasions in the year. Diwali is observed not only by Hindus but also by Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. 
The central theme for Hindus is derived from the epic Ramayana, but the festival also marks the traditional New Year's Eve.

6:00 PM - Class on Diwali
7:00 PM - Arati & Kirtan (Call & Response singing w/ ghee lamp offering)
7:30 PM - Announcements & Prasadam
Available Sponsorships:
Feast - $201.00
Altar Decorations - $201.00
Ghee Lamps for offering - $151.00