Pushpa Abhishek - Sunday, January 20, 2019

You are invited for Pushpa Abhishek festival on Sunday, January 20.
Srila Prabhupada once explained the festival this way: "Krishna was just a toy in the hands of the Gopis, so one day the Gopis decided that they will decorate Him. Pushpa Abhisheka means a ceremony of decorating the Deities profusely with flowers, ornaments, cloths. After there should be lavish feasting and procession through the streets, so that all the citizens see how beautiful Krishna appears".

Tentative Schedule:

4:30 pm - Kirtan
5:00 pm - Lecture
6:00 pm - Gaura Arati
6:30 pm - Flower Abhishek & Extended Kirtan
7:45 pm - Announcements
7:50 pm - Prasadam

Available Sponsorships:

Flowers for the flower outfit - $201.00
Flowers for Pushpanjali - $151.00
Abhishek - $151.00
Feast - $151.00