Divali - Thursday, October 19

Divali is a festival widely known as the Hindu New Year, and comes from the Sanskrit word dipavali. The festival is commonly observed by illuminating hundreds of candles in homes, temples and public spaces, and by offering opulent food preparations.

In ancient times, Divali was first observed by the citizens of Ayodhya to celebrate the joyful return of King Rama, an incarnation of Krishna. In another era, this was also the day when Lord Krishna performed His Damodara childhood pastime of breaking the pots of yogurt and letting Himself be bound by Mother Yashoda. Devotees remember these pastimes during this auspicious month known as Kartik.


6:00 PM - Story of Divali
7:00 PM - Sandhya Arati (Call & response singing with ghee lamp offering)
7:30 PM - Japa
7:35 PM - Odissi Dance (Indian classical dance performance)
7:45 PM - Announcements & Prasadam (Vegetarian Feast)

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Feast - $151.00
Flower Decorations - $201.00
Garlands - $151.00
Candles for Altar Decoration - $151.00